Martin MusicHas Provided Central Ohio School Systems With Band And Orchestral Instruments For 65 Years! 

                                                          One Simple Program...One Simple Fee!


Rent To Own! New Or Used!

Flute, Trumpet, Trombone, Clarinet,

Percussion (Snare Drum and/or Bells)-                     $25.00 Per Month   

Alto Saxophone, Oboe-                                               $45.00 Per Month       

Tenor Sax-                                                                     $60.00 Per Month

French Horn, Baritone-                                               $55.00 Per Month

All Rental Fees Collected Go Towards Purchase (Excludes $5.00 Per Month Maintenance Fees) 



Rental With Options To Buy! 

Violin-     $17.50 Per Month

Viola-      $19.50 Per Month

Cello-      $35.00 Per Month

All Rental Fees Go Towards Purchase For Up To 3 Years! (Excludes $1.50 or $2.00 Maintenance Fees)


Two Months Down Gets You Started. Return At Any Time. Fee Includes Tax, Maintenance And Fire And Theft Protection!

  (Rental Applications Subject To Credit Approval)